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VicTsing Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Many years ago, back in the day when terrestrial radio and CDs were all the rage, I had a radio/CD player that you could hang in your shower. I used it to catch up on the local news and listen to music as I got ready for work. Lately I’ve been missing having that kind of

Robot review coming soon!

Hubby and I are working with Trailridge Middle School in the Shawnee school district to provide mentoring for girls to learn more about STEM careers. The way we plan to do this is by having them build and program robots. It will be fun to see what they can do with them. As we work

Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder

Have you ever tried to fill a baggie when you have your hands full? Maybe you want to put something in the baggie that’s mushy or liquid. I do this all the time, For example, every autumn I take the time to puree some real pumpkin. Then I put it in baggies and freeze it. I