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FURminator – For those furry friends of yours

Hubby and I have a cat – a great cat. He is a rescue kitty and is about 10 years old now. He’s got the BEST personality. Because he’s a cat he comes with a few maintenance needs. One of those needs is to manage fur. We need to manage the fur he leaves all around

Pressure Wand

The actual name of this item is the “Turbo Jet Power Washer, High Pressure Spray Nozzle”. I picked this up in an attempt to solve my first-world shower cleaning problem. But it was a failure. In fact, I’m creating this separate post for it because I thought it was not only bad for my shower,

Baggy Rack Storage Bag Holder

Have you ever tried to fill a baggie when you have your hands full? Maybe you want to put something in the baggie that’s mushy or liquid. I do this all the time, For example, every autumn I take the time to puree some real pumpkin. Then I put it in baggies and freeze it. I

My all-time favorite robot: Mac the lawn mower

This is a report on a gizmo I purchased years ago. But it is one of the best gizmo purchases of all time. So I want to share it. My story will also tell you a little more my fascination with gizmos in general.  If you are interested in one for yourself, visit this link

My First-world Problem

OK, I have a truly first world problem. My shower is too big. Yeah, sure. It’s great for taking a shower. It’s one of those cool walk-in and turn a corner types where you don’t need shower doors or curtains. What I needed So, what’s the problem you ask? It’s a pain in the butt