Monthly Archive:: October 2015

“Pasta” making for my paleo lifestyle

About a year and a half ago I started following the paleo diet. I know there are a lot of believers and haters. I do it because it works for me and I am healthier than I was without it. For the most part, I really enjoy the foods I can have and don’t feel like I’m giving

Techie Kitchen Faucet

As hubby and I get a little older, we have been thinking about making sure our home will serve us well for years into the future. At first, we thought maybe we should build a new home custom made for us. After looking at property and homes and considering the money and effort it would

Amazon Echo on order!

I just ordered my first Amazon Echo! It will be here in two days (Prime, of course.) I can’t wait to report back. If you want an early glimpse at what it does, click here:  

The Mystery Egg Cooker

Have you ever put an egg in the microwave and just fired it up? I have, and it wasn’t a good idea. It doesn’t even take a full minute before you have a massive “egg-splosion.” (Sorry.) Seriously, you will spend a good bit of time cleaning your micro after such as stunt. Then, I discovered