As hubby and I get a little older, we have been thinking about making sure our home will serve us well for years into the future. At first, we thought maybe we should build a new home custom made for us. After looking at property and homes and considering the money and effort it would take, we decided that our current home was almost perfect. We just needed to move my office to the main floor and rework our kitchen. The office move was easy. The kitchen has been more of a challenge. But, it has allowed us to consider some cool new ideas. And, of course, we will incorporate some new gizmos!

We decided that the two major things we needed to change were to swap out the kitchen sink and replace the island. We have a contract on the new island and it should be installed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. (We’ll see how that goes!) In the meantime, we have replaced the sink.

The problem with the old sink was that it was enamel and had chipped. It was also a divided sink and, so, was a pain to use for big items. We swapped it out for a new one bowl granite composite sink. I love it!


In replacing the sink, we also decided that was the time to change out the faucet. The old one was working. But we wanted to move to one with a taller neck (to allow even easier access) and we wanted stainless instead of the oil rubbed bronze.

Through each step of our remodel, we have investigated where we might upgrade to new technology. Here’s where the gizmo comes in!

We opted for the Delta Faucet 9192T-AR-DST Addison Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology. It has a sensor built into the faucet so that when you touch it, it comes on. Touch it again, it goes off. Why is this nice? Well, it means that you can use the water without getting the faucet dirty.

See it in action:

Think about working with chicken and then handling the faucet with the residual microbes on your hands. I once took a class called Microbiology in Foods. The most important thing I learned was that nearly all harmful microbes LOVE chicken. I didn’t eat it for two years after! So don’t discount the value of minimizing those nasty microbes. Now I can simply tap the faucet with the back of my wrist and have access to water without sharing the mess and germs.

The faucet also has an LED at the base that indicates the water temp. While I like it (because, what’s not to like about shiny lights?), it is not all that important to me. It could be, however, if you have a lot of people sharing the sink and want to avoid being burned by the hot water from the previous user.

Out of the box, the faucet is powered by battery. You can opt for an AC power adapter for about $35. We did because we are not fans of getting under the sink to change batteries. We still have the battery pack there in the event of a power failure.

I have one last note on functionality. Hubby and I were both surprised to see that the faucet controller had an RJ45 connection. Really? Can we somehow program it? This is getting pretty exciting! Alas, no. It’s there for potential future upgrades by Delta. So I’ll be watching over the years to see what they may do.

The Good:

I really like the ease of use and the ability to minimize germs and microbes. Plus, it’s cool. We also like that it’s a Delta faucet. We have a number of them throughout the house and they have held up well and Delta stands behind their products well.

The Bad:

The downsides are: 1) cost and 2) installation is finicky. It’s not the cheapest faucet we could have gotten. On the other hand, you don’t buy them daily. So my take is to get the best you can afford and make it last a long time. We had ours installed by a professional plumber. We didn’t ask how much experience they had. They clearly had done it before. But I question how well. In our case, they did not apparently read all of the instructions or the online tips at Delta about the importance of cable management. It is really important to ensure that the power line doesn’t touch or sit near the lines going to the solenoid . If this isn’t done correctly, it can cause the faucet to leak. You’ll see it at the end of the video above. I took the video before we fixed the wiring. Sounds weird. But once hubby read all of the instructions and notes (not my thing, did you read about the lawn mower?) and made those fixes ourselves, no more leaking.

The Rating:

Overall, I am really pleased. It’s a gizmo that works!


P.S.: The Amazon Echo is installed. It’s going to take me a bit to learn all about it so I can share with you. Stay tuned!

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