FURminator – For those furry friends of yours

Hubby and I have a cat – a great cat. He is a rescue kitty and is about 10 years old now. He’s got the BEST personality. Because he’s a cat he comes with a few maintenance needs. One of those needs is to manage fur. We need to manage the fur he leaves all around the house. But we also need to manage the fur he ingests. Because, as all cat owners already know, there are these things called “hair balls.” They are as gross as they sound.

If you have a furry pet and want to minimize the hair balls and fur deposits around the house, you can brush them regularly. But if want to do that and keep the fur from flying while you do, use the FURminator.


It’s better than a standard brush because it gets down into the undercoat and really grabs the loose fur – without pain! Then, it holds the fur in its teeth until you push the button on the handle to release it. It does an amazing job.

I also figured out that it will work wonders on getting the fur out of rugs and furniture too! We have an area rug near our front door that Tino loves to roll around on. Really, really loves it. A lot. His fur buries itself into the nap of the rug to the point that the vacuum just won’t budge it. (I’ve tried all kinds of vacuums, attachments, etc.) One time I said to myself, ‘I wish I had a FURminator for my rug.’

Duh! I got out the FURminator and tried it on the rug. It lifted the fur right out. Then I simply put the teeth of the FURminator near the vacuum tube and pushed the button and it was whisked right into the vacuum canister. With just a few strokes of the FURminator, I had rid Tino’s favorite rug of all that fur.

Next I used it on the microfiber loveseat. It worked even better on that material. Check out the video below to see how it picked up fur from the area rug.

The Good

Great for grooming your pet as well as your rugs and furniture.

The Bad

You wouldn’t want to use this on a standard type of carpet. Anything with loops or fibers that would easily pull out would be a bad combination with the FURminator.


The FURminator is the best thing I’ve found for managing fur. – Treasure


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