Many years ago, back in the day when terrestrial radio and CDs were all the rage, I had a radio/CD player that you could hang in your shower. I used it to catch up on the local news and listen to music as I got ready for work. Lately I’ve been missing having that kind of entertainment. After all, if it takes you a half hour to shower, that’s a long time to go without entertainment!

In December I started looking for a solution. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, in fact, not much at all. After all, I would only be using it a little. My search landed me on this gizmo:

For just under $20, I have a Bluetooth speaker. It uses a suction cup to hang on the shower wall. I actually don’t even use that feature. I have a shelf that it sits on. By not attaching it, I can move it from the shower to the tub or anywhere. Yup, after I bought it, I realized that I like it for other things too. For example, I tend to do all my ironing after I collect a number of pieces. When I iron, I like to listen to audiobooks. This little speaker is just perfect for the task.

Mystery Power Source

The speaker arrived on my doorstep on December 18, 2015. I charged it immediately. I have been using it ever since without recharging! Now, I don’t use it daily. But I probably use it about 3 to 4 times per week for 15 – 60 minutes each time. I’m not going to hurt my brain doing the math. Still, I think you can see that this little guy keeps a charge for a loooonnnng time.  In fact, I was kind of waiting to do this review once the battery died so that I could tell you just how long it lasted. Unfortunately, I’m not that patient so you get this review without benefit of knowing when, if ever, it will need charging again. I’m beginning to think it has some mystery power source I can’t see.


Since it is a speaker, sound quality is important. It’s a $20 speaker. So if you are expecting it to sound like a Klipsch or Bang & Oufsen speaker, you will be disappointed. If you are looking for a speaker that will fill your room, then this will work nicely. It has volume adjustment buttons but I find them to be annoying. Each click makes a beep and takes a second. Instead, I set the volume from my phone or tablet and keep the speaker settings the same. It also has a next/previous track option which will work with things like your Pandora station.

There is one last feature I’ll mention. I just had the opportunity to use it this week. If you have it connected to your phone, you can use it as a speakerphone. It has a built-in mic for two way conversations. For example, I was ironing while listening to an audiobook. A call came in, the book was paused and I was able to converse with the caller through this little speaker while my phone was in the next room. I could see it being helpful while cooking or doing other activities when your hands are busy and it’s hard to swipe your phone.

The Good:  

This is a sturdy, useful speaker. The built in mic for taking calls is a bonus. The battery is amazing!

The Bad:

The sound is fine in a small space, but probably not what you want to use to entertain at a party. The volume buttons are slow and annoying as they beep over whatever you are listening to. Set your volume from your streaming device.

The Rating:

This is a treasure. Heck, it gets that rating just because it never dies!


It’s February 20, 2016, about 2 months after my speaker was first charged. The battery finally died. This after all the time and hours of use. It’s battery life is outstanding!


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