What is this gizmo?

This little gizmo is used to clean your glasses.

What caught my eye?

I feel like my glasses always end up with smudges and cleaning cloths don’t really do the job well. I keep those little microfiber cloths everywhere: the car, my desk, my wallet, my nightstand… I saw this item advertised on Facebook and thought I’d give them a try.

What did I find?

The gizmo fits into the palm of my hand. I have small hands so it’s pretty small. Even so, I found that it’s pretty bulky to put in my wallet. So it’s less convenient than the microfiber cloths. To use it, you just pull off the top to expose the tong-like arms with the cleaning pads. Then, put the lens between the two cleaning pads and wipe the lens. It’s easy. Alas, it’s not any more effective than the microfiber. In fact, I think it’s even less so. There’s a small button you can push up toward the top to pop out a soft brush. I didn’t find that very helpful either.

What ways will I/could I use it?

This little gizmo is headed for my motion activated trash can. The plastic can’t even be recycled. That makes it pretty low on the usefulness scale!

Final Comments:

Don’t waste your money on this one. (Aren’t you glad I’m here to make that mistake for you? )

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