Update on Everlast Notebook – Color problem solved!

I have two updates to the Everlast notebook review.  The first is that I solved the color problem. Yeah! The second thing I learned relates to how you connect to your online world. If you haven’t already, please read the original post first.

We have color!

Those who read the Everlast review will remember that I was disappointed with how colors looked when they were scanned. Since then I ordered the Frixion markers you see above. I previously bought color ballpoint pens which did not scan well enough to differentiate the colors. The marker package came with 12 colors. They are medium-fine felt tips. The colors show up on the page much darker and are more distinctive. Fortunately, they also show up in your electronic notes much, much better as well. This was a big win for me. Another advantage of the markers is that they don’t leave any indentations on the page. See the difference below between how the felt tip markers and the ballpoint pens scan.

This is how the scanned colors look using the ballpoint Frixion.
This is an example of how Frixion markers look in the scanned notes

Connection Flexibility

In helping someone set up her Everlast connections, I learned that you can set up your connections differently on each of your devices. For example, she had one of her connectors set to go to her email on her iPhone while her iPad used the same icon to go to an Evernote folder. This could be good – or bad. It’s a good thing if you happen to use your devices differently. Say, for example, you use your iPad strictly at home and want your scanned notes from the iPad to go to your home accounts. With each device having its own setting, you could then set up your phone to go to your work accounts.  There are a huge number of possibilities and combinations. On the other hand, if you are like me, it’s hard enough to remember the icons for the seven connections on one device without having to remember a different set for another. So for me, I will make sure all of my devices with Rocketbook software are set up the same way.

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1 thought on “Update on Everlast Notebook – Color problem solved!

  1. Thanks for sharing this with your fans. I’m on the Rocketbook team and we are working on improvements to
    address the color issue for the finer tip pens as well as more connection flexibility in the future!

    – Steven

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