Winter is coming. Stay Warm!

The Problem

The weather is about to turn. And when it does, a lot of you will be suffering in offices that are freezing. I know because I was there for all of my working years. It was particularly bad my last few years working in a law firm. You see, I had an office right next to the managing partner. Guess whose office had the temperature control? Not mine! And that partner happened to prefer his office to be icy. I was always trying to find ways to stay warm. I had my coffee cup filled with hot liquid at all times. I had a blanket to drape over my legs. But I could never get my hands warm.

The Solution

USB Gloves

A friend of mine knew of my love of gizmos and introduced me to a cool site: There are a lot of cool gizmos there. But when I saw the USB heated gloves, I was ecstatic!  These gloves send gentle warmth through the fabric to keep you warm. And they have little caps at the end of each finger so you can just expose that tiny bit of skin to the iceberg that is your office.

I wore them for those last few years. Just before I left that job, my partner neighbor finally noticed them. He asked if I was cold. (Um, yeah. Was it the ice forming on my nose or the colorful gloves that gave it away?)

The Good

These are great. They provide just the right amount of heat. With the finger cap off, you can easily type, write, use your phone, etc. Also, they are powered from the USB. You won’t have your facilities manager getting grumpy about illegal electrical heaters.

The Bad

The only complaint I had was around the choice of colors. It would have been nice to have something that blended in better.

The Rating

Not a fashion statement, but they do what you need them to. And if they stand out, maybe the person controlling the temperature will notice and give you a break!




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