About Gizmo Soup

Welcome to Gizmo Soup!  I’m Athelene and I love gizmos – all kinds of gizmos. In fact, when I married my husband we added to our wedding vows that I would be able to have unlimited gizmos. Now THAT’S love.

Over the years, I’ve learned that others are often interested in gizmos, gadgets, devices, tools (whatever you call them) but didn’t have the desire to try them out. Because, let’s face it, they often don’t work as advertised. That’s where I come in. I love to try them out!  And since I’m doing that all the time anyway, I will write about what I learn and share it here.

I will post at least once a week about some new gizmo that I’ve tried.  I’ll use the same format each week to keep it simple and easy to read. I’ll post:

  • What problem or challenge it tries to solve
  • How I selected the specific one I tested (if there is more than one)
  • What the results were
  • A simple 1 – 5 rating system where 5 is great and 1 is don’t bother

I hope you’ll find the site a fun and entertaining way to spend about 10 minutes of your time each week. If you do, please help me out by signing up for my email list. You’ll only hear from me to announce a new post or for major announcements. I won’t fill up your mailbox. And I’ll never share your email with others. Also, please share with your friends and family on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

As a note, some posts contain affiliate links, or may contain referral links from other sites. Any purchases that are made through these links results in a tiny percentage of the purchase price or a referral bonus being contributed to this blog. There is NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. There are also advertising links on the page. Please note that the advertisements are not personal endorsements from me. While I offer opinions, both good and bad, you are solely responsible for researching the purchases you make. Thanks for supporting Gizmo Soup.

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